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Tennis Goals

Here’s the thing - a lot of tennis players have so much unlocked potential because they simply don’t train right. Some lack the time, others can’t afford an expensive person coach. We get the picture.

Train like a PRO

A revolutionary new methodology of creating better tennis players - faster.

Our method brings a holistic responsive system based on decades of professional hands-on training experience directly to the comfort of your home.

We spent years developing and perfecting a specially designed tennis board so that it mimics real-life playing experience.

Our Ball Back System features a unique adjustable foam that yields the best possible bounce for you and utilizes the power of repetition to improve player’s skills

With a unique combo

In tandem with the BBS app, it becomes your very own personal coach - in the palm of your hand. With hundreds of trainings designed for all levels, anyone can become a better tennis player.

And what's very cool about it?

You can train whenever, wherever!

Because our compact board can be stored in your home, is mobile and can be set up in minutes.

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