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Let’s connect


Your best sparring partner on the way to becoming unstoppable

No tennis courts nearby?   No one to play with?   Expensive coaches?

Discover a specially designed tennis board and bring the game to your own driveway.


Play at home

Become unstoppable

Connect with friends and family

Never miss out on your tennis practice!

Designed for mobility
It is easy to move, take it with you at tennis practice or play at home.
For all players regardless of their skill
Adjust to your needs, create your own tennis practice / tactics.
Without limitations
Play on your own schedule - whenever you want.

Become unstoppable

Unlock your potential with the power of repetition
The ball back system enables you to create match-like situations you otherwise would not be able to create.
Your coach is just one click away
Connect with the app and start with the training.
Measure your progress
The app enables you to record your trainings and watch your progress towards becoming a tennis pro.

Why not share your achievements with your friends and family?

Spend quality time playing tennis
The ball back system is designed with the help of a world-renowned tennis coach, with one thing in mind: Improving the tennis play
Do challenges and compete with friends
In-app challenges allow for a more fun way of improving your tennis play. Complete the challenges and compete with your friends.
Share your achievements
App allows you to share your achievements with family and friends on your social media accounts.
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