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Tennis Goals

Here’s the thing - a lot of tennis players have so much unlocked potential because they simply don’t train right. Some lack the time, others can’t afford an expensive person coach. We get the picture.

Train and play tennis like a pro

Become unstoppable, train whenever and wherever you want with a revolutionary tennis methodology that has been precisely tested by the world’s leading tennis players and coaches!

How does it work?

The only things that you need are a flat surface, a tennis racket and a ball. The board is mounted on wheels, which means that it is quick and easy to set up. Just select the desired bounce angle, lock the wheels, and you are ready to start practising your skills of strength, speed, endurance and intuition.

Why does it work?

BBS gives you a systematic tennis workout. You can practise all the technical elements and strokes of tennis (such as Forehand, Backhand, Serve, Slice, Short ball, Volley), and combine them in any way you want. BBS also allows you to add fitness and skill exercises to your technique training.

What you can improve?

With BBS training you can improve your:

  • hitting technique
  • confidenve
  • hand-eye coordination
  • reaction times / reflexes
  • positioning
  • footwork
  • attention
  • shot variety
  • aerobic capacity
  • strength
  • coordination.

What are the benefits of BBS?

  • You can train 24/7, 365 days a year
  • You can train anywhere  (at home or on a tennis court, indoors or outdoors)
  • You can train alone, without needing a coach or a partner
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Suitable for  any flat surface
  • The surface doesn’t damage your racket (??)
  • You can choose any angle  that you want to practice
  • You can train in small spaces (even less than 5m²)

Who it is for?

The BBS is designed for all types of tennis players, from those who simply want to play recreationally, to those who want to play at competitive levels. It’s suitable for children and adults, beginners and advanced players, as well as professionals, coaches and tennis schools. The BBS has helped several young players who are now among the top 100 tennis players in the world.

And what's very cool about it?

You can train whenever, wherever!

Because our compact board can be stored in your home, is mobile and can be set up in minutes.

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